The Peeps Have Spoken

Everything Board Games

"We played several 4-player games of Chicken Time Warp. Each one was different because of the randomness of the draw. We had fun and, with our group, the chicken jokes soon became part of the play."

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Geek Dad

"It’s simple enough that my 6-year-old joined in and has requested it as a before-bedtime game, and the movie references make me laugh. It’s a good opener for a game night because it’s quick to set up and play, though it’s not deep enough that I’d center a game night around it. As a bonus, the small box makes it great for on-the-go gaming: all you really need is room for the timeline to play the game."

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The Dice Men Cometh

Aussie Podcasters "The Dice Men Cometh" review the game on their show! Starts around 46:30 but the whole show is worth a listen!

The Friendly Boardgamer

"Ideal for lunch time gaming and is very accessible with a somewhat bizarre and unique theme. Quick, light hearted and fun."

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Settler of the Boards

"The 'going back in time' element is fun and unique; gives you a little room for strategy because you can hang on to the cards that let you do it, to avoid death, or play them to stop someone from escaping!"

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Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

"Chicken Time Warp is simple, easy to learn, and a lot of fun. It will be enjoyed by players both young and old, and is a worthy addition to any board game library."

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Board Gaming For The Win

"This is a fun game. It’s compact, which means it can be taken any where as long at you have about two feet of space. Chicken Time Warp would make for a great bar game to fill the time waiting for drinks and appetizers."

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Cards or Die

"This is a fun, quick play, 'take that!' card game. It's portable which is always a plus. Great for families or groups of adults"

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